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Bed and Breakfast - Kemah

I am posting this entry from Kemah, Texas. This weekend we (hubby and I) decided we should do something nice for ourselves. We were going to Galveston, but at the last minute changed our minds. We traveled to Kemah with no agenda and no place to stay. Well we found out that no agenda was needed and we ended up staying at a nice Bed and Breakfast cottage (with no breakfast). The no breakfast is not a big issue, we have a golf cart to ride around the Boardwalk and to cruise the area. The owners of the Bed and Breakfast are from Midwest City...yes OKLAHOMA!! So now they are Texans and we are Okies....They are a nice couple.

S is out fishing right now and I'm suppose to be out on a walk to Starbucks, but once I connected to the Internet, I've been on the computer. This get away is suppose to be time away from everything (including the kids, phones, and computers), but I'm addicted to the Internet.

Knitting is going good. My Knitting I instructor advised me decided on a project and stick to it. Well I picked one and I've started it. Well, I picked two!! They are baby blankets for the new twins in our family. The blankets are the same, but different. The babies are being raised not to dress the same and to be the same, but it seems as though they have their own language already!! I need to get pictures of them. So if twins run in my family and in S family, I guess there is a good chance that we will have twins, huh!!

But anyway Kemah is great and the Bed and Breakfast is great. I will have pictures soon!!!

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