Double Take

There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


Knowing Yourself...Loving Yourself

As a mother, a wife, an employee, and a fulltime student I sometimes don't time out for myself.  A few years ago, I never took time out for myself, but I try to make that happen at one point of time or another.  I think sometimes I lose myself in the "hussle" of life.  When people as me about myself, I always answer with "I'm married with children, fulltime student, etc..." instead telling someone who "I" am.

I know for a while, I didn't know who I was becauase I was only the "wife, mother, student, etc...", but now I'm getting to know me again.  Yes, the me who loves to just still and relax on lazy Sunday afternoons.  The me who loves to go to my local library and pick out a good read.

And while I'm in the getting to know myself again...the love for myself is coming back.  I love it.  I love me and I love who I am.


I'm not a morning person....

....I’m really not.

I hate alarm clocks and my husband has three….it drives me crazy.

I believe our body should wake when it’s ready. When my body doesn’t naturally wake itself up, I’m a grouch. My family doesn’t really talk to me in the morning and that is just fine with me; just give me my coffee and leave me alone.

But it helps when I wake extra early and just lay in the bed a few moments….one moment may turn into ten moments, but who counting. It’s like allowing my body to slowly wake instead of jumping out of the bed.

Oh, how I really enjoying my sleeping time. It’s nothing in the world like it.


It's been a while and something new...

I know it's been a while since my last post, but I've been a little busy with a new "thing" in my life. Come on over to my new blog and check it out... or just click here.


No More Wire Hangers....

Do you remember the movie, Mommy Dearest? She saw a wire hanger in her daughter's closet and went crazy. Why do I remember that? I don't know, but I really don't like wire hangers. I've tried to use the plastic hangers, but my kids steal them from me, so I've been stuck with the wire hangers. So a few weeks ago, I purchased wooden hangers....just for me and it's really made a difference in my closet. Below you will see the before and after photos...




1st Conference Presentation

I just finished my first ever conference presenation and it was great.
I'm looking forward to the next one.


Buying a Yoga Mat

Last night I had another yoga class and I'm feeling it now. Anyway before class, I went yoga mat shopping. I've looked online, but I guess I just wanted to feel the mat before I bought it. So this is the mat I purchased. I tried it in my class last night and I could not figure out which side of the mat I liked more. I don't know...we will see.


do you yoga?

my first yoga class was this week. it was great and i plan to go three days a week: tuesday, thursday, and saturday. I did not knowyou would sweat so much. it was a great workout. yes, i am a little sore, but it's a good sore.

if you have any yoga tips for me, please let me a comment. i do need a mat and i'm unsure of which one i should buy.

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