There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


It is offically SPRING BREAK

Although I'm not in school anymore, I like Spring Break. My kids are in Texas and it gives me at least a week to be alone. Yes, my husband is still here, but we take the time to do the things that we like to do as an individual. He likes to fish and play basketball. We are both enjoying this time to go home from work and enjoy peace. We don't need to cook or help with homework.... I don't know if that makes me a bad mother or what.

I attended my first Metro OKC Knitters Guild yesterday. It was really neat meeting other knitters in the area. I also met a lady that lives in Austin, but she comes to OKC once a month to help her parents.

June 9 is Knitting Day....I didn't know there was a such things as Knitting Day...

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