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What I like

I found a high school friend's My Space Page yesterday and she has this really long list of the things in life that she likes. I was reading her list and starting thinking of me and if I had to make a list of things I long of a list would I have. So okay let's see how long my list could be.

Things I like:
  • taking pictures
  • a good laugh
  • inspirational quotes
  • gospel music
  • walking on the beach
  • watching the sun rise
  • knitting (this is new)
  • fountain soft drinks (with good ice and a straw)
  • ice cream when in the winter
  • to make list (most of the time I know use them)
  • reading
  • watching my children sleep (although they are not babies anymore)
  • buttery kettle popcorn (the sweet and salty...mmmmmmm)
  • organizing other people
  • a clean desk
  • a good smelling man
  • apple martini
  • walking into a clean house
  • fresh sheets on my bed
  • when my husband calls me "Ri"
  • flying on an airplane
  • airports (when my plane is not delayed)
  • coffee in the morning and anytime I'm feeling down
  • hotel gift shops (my bestfriend Sara got me hooked)

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pondering_c said...

oh my gosh. kettle corn is the best. i dream of retiring and owning a kettle corn truck/trailer or whatever they're called and traveling around the country to county fairs. because i also love small town fairs/festivals. but eddie says he wants and ice cream truck.

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