There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


My People....My People

Today as I was shopping, I arrived at a store and noticed that six young black teens were just hanging outside of another store. They were just sitting there and the girl and one of the boys were holding hands and kissing. I just went into the store and stayed about seven minutes and as I was leaving, I did not see them anymore. But as I was driving out of the parking lot, I saw them. They were being hand cuffed by two police officers. I don't know what happened, but from what I saw, no law were broken. If they would have broken any laws, why were just just sitting in front of the store. They were not trying to walk or run from the stores or anything. I sometimes just don't understand. This is the reason I try to teach my children: they are who their friends are.

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