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1.05.2007's 2007

Well I made it home safely from my trip to Houston...

As in my previous post stated, my husband is not a good person to travel with. Well, he was better this time. He stopped in the town I was born and even took me to Starbucks.....I asked him if he was okay.

I was born in a small town; Ennis,'s east of Dallas.

Here are some pictures.....

and my dad lives in Waco.....
I love Texas and I really want to move back, but I had a very bad experience in Houston this past took us almost 2 hours to go to Walmart and to drop my son off at his dad's house. Here in Oklahoma a trip to Walmart is a 20 minute trip. I may rethink this moving back to Texas thing. I can beleive something as small as a trip to Walmart can take up so much time of your day.

This New Year's I was sleep. My husband was able to see Mary Mary and Israel and the New Breed at this church in Houston. I wanted to go, but since I was informed I would drive home, I wanted to get some rest. So ask me did I drive home....the answer is no, I did not. S wouldn't let me. Sometimes it's a good thing that your husband doesn't like the way you drive....that means he will drive most of the time.

The birthday party for my father-in-law went really well (this is the reason we went to Houston)....Here is picture of me working...S did most of the cooking and I really enjoyed working with him. Normally me and my husband work really well together.....

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