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On the Road Again

Well, it's time for more traveling....we are heading to Houston tomorrow and I'm not packed.

This should be a good trip....the kids are not traveling with us. Things normally goes okay, expect:

  • My husband does not like to stop unless we need gas or he has to go to the bathroom.

Maybe we can make a few "shopping stops" on the way....okay, I'm really dreaming now!

We I guess I better take something to make the time go faster. I bought a knitting kit....maybe I could make a scarf while we are on the road....maybe not!!

Things have been very slow at work....everyone is out for the holidays.....well most of everyone.

The kids are away, so I've been at home alone with no Internet service. I don't know what's wrong with SBC or AT&T or whatever the name is now......

Christmas was good and stressfree. We went to the movies to see Dreamgirls. It was okay.

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