There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


Living life again

Well, the kids are back . They are in school and band, and football....
I've started school again. Classes are twice a week and I have to admit that I'm tired. I guess it will take some getting use to, but oh my. I try to get all the sleep that I can. It just seems like all the days are just running together.

My mom is in school again....YEAH!! I am so excited for her!!

My nephew started middle school and my sister is so nervous. I understand. A, my youngest start middle school and I think about him everyday...wanting to know if he is okay.

My dad had back surgery. Although he is in a lot of pain, he is doing good.

My husband has decided to referee instead of coaching for little league football. This is keeping him busy.

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