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School will Start Again Soon

I have to admit, I'm excited about Graduate School. First of all, I can't believe that I have a college degree and now I'm about to work on another one. Well it's I might as well get use to it. Seeing everything coming together for Graduate School is real exciting. I can't wait to see the first assignment and to go to the book store empty handed and walk out with so many books that I will need help with carrying them. Okay, I'm a nerd.

A co-worker of mine book is out. Well it's not out yet, but he has a proof which is a hard copy and the other copies have been ordered and are to be shipped next week. I'm so proud of him.

Well tomorrow is my last day for my "part time job". I'm happy after tomorrow I will have my Saturday's back, but then again, I really enjoy this group. We won't have another group until next school year. I hope I will be able to present again. It was really fun and it's also a great resume builder. Another co-worker of mine is writing a grant for a local non-profit and she asked me if I would be one of the staff on the grant. At first she thought she would be able to pay us, but she can't, but this is also a resume builder. I need to figure out how to add these things to my resume.

Next week will be busy at work, so I'm really going to enjoy this weekend.

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Wool Winder said...

Good luck with grad school. Thanks for the kind comment you left on my blog.

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