There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


Friday Night

When I worked at Devon, a few co-workers (me, S, T, T, D, MD and SM) would get together for lunch on our off Fridays (every other Friday). Even after I left Devon, the lunches continued, but when D left Devon we did not continue with our lunches and I don't know why. But T decided to have a get together at her house and invited the lunch crew. It was really good to see everyone expect S; she could not attend. The margaritas were great (I only had one). D and MD brought another friend; he was really messed up. He had been drinking before they arrived so D decided it would be best to take him home. Well D never came back; he was arrested. So the night really begins. I did not get home until after three am. Yes my husband was waiting up for me. I could only imagine what he was thinking as I walked into the house. I'm the type of person who shuts down when the sun goes down.

So anyway, D was released and he is going okay.

I have not been out in a long time and it felt really good. I love spending time with my husband, but I think when I am away from him, even just for a little while, doing something that I like to do, I miss him so much. It makes me love him more. I don't know why, but that's the way it is. Makes you want to say hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!

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