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Knitting Update

I have to admit that I really like to knit. Last night was the third class and the last class is next Tuesday. I have finished three projects: a scarf, a small pocket purse, and a washcloth.

These are not good pictures, but I thought you may want to see them anyway (this could be a good reason for me to purchase a new camera). The story about the scarf is: I gave it to my stepdaughter. She wore it to school and came home and told me that she did not like it. She did not want to hurt my feelings. I really like it and I added it to my wardrobe of scarves. Maybe it does have many colors, but I love it!! It was the first project I finished.
The second project was the small purse. This project was for class. And the third project was the washcloth. You can't see the checkerboard pattern, but they are really there. For some reason I was knitting backwards with the washcloth. I don't know what happened. So it's not really good, but at least I finished it....that's all that matters to me.
So don't laugh at my completed projects.....

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