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Stress Free Holiday

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...yes, this has been a stress free holiday season for me. We will do Christmas with our children a week after Christmas at my mother-in-law's house. They are older so no finding the "just right toy"'s gift cards this year. Oh, and my house has no Christmas tree or other holiday decorations. Ahhhh....I wish it could be this easy every year.

So I have a few things to make your holiday a stress free holiday:
1. Make time for yourself and relax. While you are out shopping, stop in for a manicure or a pedicure.
2. Sleep. Don't stay up late wrapping gifts. Use gift bags and call it a day (or night).
3. Plan ahead. Work on your Christmas list during the year instead of right before you are ready to send out Christmas cards
4. Shop on-line. Don't fight the lines or spend 20-30 minutes looking for a parking space. Shop in your pj's in the comfort of your own bed.

Happy Holidays!!!

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