There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


I'm stuck at 172...

Weight, why do we make such a big deal of it? Well went to the doctor the other day and learned that I've gained 20 pounds in only one year...WOW!! Yes I was surprised and I'm not going into what things have happened in my life in the past year, but it's time for the weight to come off....

Okay, so it all started around May 25 when I weighted why do we have scales in our bathrooms? Anyway, I was 180 pounds....Yes 180....I was as surprised as you are.
So I started watching what I was eating and joined Weight Watchers on May 31.

So today, I did not count points, but I can tell you that I did have my normal yogurt and fruit for breakfast, but for lunch I went to a Mexican Restaurant...thank God for the extra point WW gives you.
So wish me luck on this weight loss adventure.....I'll keep you posted.

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pondering_c said...

hang in there! you're awesome!

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