There are times when you think you know what you are getting....then you do a DOUBLE TAKE!!


Addicted to Coffee

Who would have ever guessed that I would ever be addicted to anything. Well I’m here to tell you that my addiction is a secret and you can’t tell anyone. I think my husband is on to me because the Coffee-Mate liquid creamer is my friend….every time we go to the store, I pick up one. I think he is starting to notice that the coffee maker is still on when he comes home from work.

UPDATE: He is starting to like coffee too. This morning he told me that he needs a thermos because he doesn't like "everyone's coffee". He says that he think he just likes the coffee we make at home. Oh, and I forgot to tell you, he makes the coffee every morning. This morning when I made the coffee, it was too strong. I guess my coffee measurements are off because he has been making the coffee.

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